Beef, milk-fed spring lamb, lamb, pork, mutton....all for sale at competitive prices.

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The Meat

The meat is packed with taste because all the animals are native breeds. Pick a county, region or area of the British Isles and there is a very strong chance that they will have their own prodigal creature. From the Tamworth pig, to the Cotswold sheep, from the Aberdeen Angus cow to the Black Welsh mountain sheep, Britain has the best offer of breeds. Due to the colder climate of the British Isles the breeds have evolved a thick skin and muscle etched with fat to keep them warm in the bitter winters. The fat is where the flavour is. Months of Summer gorging builds up the fat reserves which are then tapped into during the long winter, providing a richness to the meat.

None of the animals that Farmer Tom farms and sources are intensively farmed. They are free range and are subject to traditional farming methods such as field rotation whereby the land is allowed to rid itself of disease rather than pumping the animals full of medicine to remedy any ailments.

After the animals have been taken to 'Alton Towers' the carcasses are hung in a cold store. For beef it is a minimum of four weeks, lamb is hung for ten days and the pork will be suspended for two weeks. The aging process is essential to dry the meat out. If you have ever experienced an out pouring of 'liquid' when cooking supermarket meat it is because the meat has not been hung and all that blood and water only serves to confuse the flavours of the immature muscle. On average, a beef carcass will lose between four and five kilos of 'liquid' over the hanging process.

Paramount to the 'field to plate' process Farmer Tom champions is that all the animals have led happy, trouble free lives and now bring you happiness by being central to a cracking plate of nosh.